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About Us

Pujiang Shining Crystal Crafts Co.,Ltd.     Founded in 1998, Shining Crystal is specialized in manufacturing and exporting various ranges of crystal glass awards, crystal trophies and other crafts made from crystal glass. We creat a full range of thoughtful and imaginative crystal gifts for different occasions, like company anniversary, awarding ceremony, promotions, weddings & party, holiday, home decorations and souvenirs.     Our main products include crystal trophy, crystal cooperate awards, jade glass awards, 3D laser crystal, crystal perfume bottles, crystal chandelier trimmings, blank crystals, crystal wedding favors. We also customize crystal crafts for our customers, providing text & logo engraving services.     Shining Crystal always provides...

Catalogue and Products

Crystal Trophy Award

Star Awards

Star awards HDSA1001, crystal Star awards HDSA1002, crystal promotion awards HDSA1003, music award HDSA1004, navy awards HDSA1005, shining star Trophy HDSA1006, Shining crystal star awards HDSA1007, Shining championship trophy HDSA1008, Shining star awards supplier HDSA1009, wholesale star awards HDSA1010, crystal star awards HDSA1011, crystal star award trophies HDSA1012, crystal star trophy supplier HDSA1013, china crystal star awards HDSA1014, crystal star trophies HDSA1015, crystal star trophies wholesale HDSA1016, 2012 new star trophy HDSA1017, crystal awards wholesale HDSA1018, engraved crystal plaques HDST1019, crystal awards and trophies HDSA1020, crystal trophies HDSA1021, custom crystal trophies HDSA1022, crystal trophy wholesale HDSA1023, crystal star awards supplier HDSA1036, wholesale star crystal trophy HDSA1024, crystal trophy star HDSA1025, crystal Star awards trophy HDSA1026, : engraved crystal star awards HDSA1027, custom crystal star award HDSA1028, crystal star trophy wholesale HDSA1029,

Multi Color Awards

HDA2001 Bulk discount Crystal Award, HDA2002 New Design Crystal Apple Award, HDA2003 Apple Award Crystal Gift, HDA2004 Wholesale Crystal Star Award, HDA2005 Crystal Trophy For Winner, HDA2006 World Cup Crystal Trophy, HDA2007 Crystal Award For Club, HDA2008 Crystal Trophy, HDA2009 crystal award for achievement, HDA2010 Crystal crown trophies, HDA2011 Crystal Award souvenir Gift, HDA2012 Shining Crystal Fashionable Awards, crystal Excellence awards HDA2013, Academy winners award HDA2014, HDA2015 Art crystal award, crystal award trophies HDA2016, fashionable crystal award for achievement HDA2017, recognition award HDA2018, crystal plaque trophies HDA2019, crystal engraved trophies HDA2020, crystal teacher awards HDA2021, New design championship trophy HDA2022, oscar winners crystal award HDA2023, crystal award winning HDA2024, MTV movie crystal awardsHDA2025, crystal awards HDA2026,

Jade Glass Award

Wholesale Circle Jade Glass Award, Hot Selling Jade Glass Award, Triangular Jade Glass Awards, Jade Glass Award Photo Frame, 3D Laser Crystal Jade Glass Award Trophy, Jade Glass Plaque Award, Beveled Glass Rectangle Award -Photo Frame, Wholesale Arrowhead Glass Award, Jade Octagon 12mm Faceted Glass Awards, 15mm Jade Elite Flat Glass Awards, Blank Glass Award Gift, Jade Glass Beveled Crescent Award, Jade Glass Award, Fire Glass Award Trophy Supplier, Jade Glass Flame Shapedaward, Jade Glass Trophy Manufacture,

Engraved Crystal Awards

engraved crystal awards hdca1001, 3d laser crystal awards hdca1002, engraved glass awards HDCA1003, laser engraved crystal awards HDCA1004, 3d crystal awards HDCA1005, engraved crystal star awards HDCA1006, crystal corporate awards HDCA1007, 3d crystal awards HDCA1008, engraved crystal awards trophy HDCA1009, crystal trophy with laser engraving HDCA1010, engraved crystal sports awards HDCA1011,

Golf Trophy

crystal awards for golf club HDGT1005, Golf trophy HDGT1001, Golf awards HDGT1002, crystal Golf awards HDGT1003, Golf trophies HDGT1004, Sports awards HDGT1006, crystal golf trophy HDGT1007, crystal golf ball HDGT1008, golf award trophies HDGT1009, crystal golf award trophy HDGT1010, Crystal golf trophy supplier HDGT1011, engraved golf trophy HDGT1013, crystal golf sport awards HDGT1014, golf awards HDGT1015, crystal cup awards HDTC1002,

Sports Award

crystal sport awards HDST3001, crystal sport awards wholesale HDST3002, crystal trophy awards HDST3003, shining crystal sports trophy HDST3004, crystal sport trophy awards HDST3005,

Crystal Obelisk

Crystal Obelisk Awards wholesale HDOB001, K9 Crystal Obelisk Awards HDOB002, Crystal Obelisk Awards wholesale, Crystal Obelisk trophy wholesale,

Crystal Trophy Cup

crystal cup trophies HDTC1001

Crystal Medal

Rainbow Medal

Crystal Gift

Crystal Apple

Engraved Crystal Gifts

laser engraved gifts HDG1001, 3d crystal wedding gifts HDG1002, crystal valentine gifts HDG1003, wholesale laser crystal gift HDG1004, crystal laser engraved gifts HDG1005, laser engraved crystal gifts HDG1006, crystal laser cube gifts HDG1007, laser engraved crystal blocks HDG1008, crystal photo laser apple gifts HDG1009, custom 3d laser gifts HDG1010, crystal laser gift for Wedding anniversary HDG1011, enrgaved crystal paperweight HDG1012, 3d crystal engraved gifts HDG1014, Heart shape crystal 3d laser gifts HDG1013, crystal cube photo image HDG1015, enrgaved crystal gifts HDG1016, 3d laser gifts HDG1017, crystal monther's day gifts HDG1018, wholesale engraved crystal gifts HDG1019, 3d crystal wedding gifts HDG1020, fashionable crystal laser gifts HDG1021, crystal father's day gifts HDG1022, 3d laser crystal HDG1023,

Crystal Diamond

Unique Crystal Diamond, Crystal Diamond Wedding Gift, Machine Cut Crystal Diamond Paperweight, 2012 Hot Sell Crystal Diamond, Wholesale Crystal Diamond Supplier, Fashionable Crystal Valentine'S Day Gift, Heart Shape Crystal Diamond, Shiny Wedding Favor Crystal Diamond, Shining Crystal Diamond Crafts, Elegant Crystal Diamond Wedding Gift, Colorful Rectangle Crystal Diamond, Wedding Crystal Diamond Manufacture,

Crystal Wine Stopper

Beautiful Crystal Wine Stopper, Fashionable Shoes Shape Crystal Wine Stopper, Diamond Wedding Favor Crystal Wine Stopper, Hot Sell Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper, New Style Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper, Pretty Heart Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper, Wholesale Crystal Bottle Stopper, Elegant Crystal Bottle Stopper Supplier, Unique Crystal Wine Stopper Wedding Gift, High Quality Crystal Wine Stopper Gift,

3D Laser Crystal

3d laser wedding gifts HDG1013

Customized Laser Crystal

customized laser crystal, customized crystal photo image, crystal laser block for 30th Anniversary, 3d laser crystal holiday gifts, laser engraved football awards, custom crystal 3d laser wholesale, Crystal 3D Laser Company Souvenir Anniversary Gifts, Shining Crystal 3D Laser Anniversary Gifts, crystal wedding favors, 3d laser crystal wedding gifts, customized crystal 3d laser cubes with company logo, 3d laser photo wholesale, crystal souvenir baby gifts, laser crystal christmas gifts, 3d laser crystal awards, crystal laser engraved pyramid,

Cut Corner

Cut Corner Crystal Laser Cube, High Quality Crystal Cut Corner Cube, Square Corner Cutted Blank Crystal Cube, Beveled Crystal Cube With Cut Corner, crystal laser cubes RW-1, crystal photo cubes RW-2, cut corner crystal cube zw-9, china crystal 3d laser photo image, 3d laser etched crystal crafts,

Crystal Keychain

3D Laser Crystal Key Chain, Crystal Laser Keychain With Led Light, Crystal Key Ring For Promotion, Led Crystal Key Chain, Wholesale Crystal Keychain Crafts, 3D Crystal Keychain Supplier, 3D Crystal Keychain Supplier, Fashionable Crystal Laser Keychain With Led Lighting, Heart Crystal Keychain - With Led Light, Led 3D Personalized Crystal Keychain, Led Light Crystal Keychain, 3D Laser Crystal Keychain Manufacture,

Religious Laser Gifts

3D Laser Engraving Crystal Iceberg -Jesus &Cross, Religion Crystal Iceberg Gift, Wholesale Religion Crystal 3D Laser Engraving, Jesus 3D Laser Etched Crystals Religious, crystal religious laser gifts, crystal 3d laser religious cross, laser religious gifts supplier, 3d laser crystal etched Virgin Mary, crystal 3d laser angel for Religion gifts, crystal Buddha laser engraved, 2012 New design crystal 3d laser Jesus,

Crystal Cubes

3D Laser Crystal Ferris Wheel, 3D Laser Engraving, 3D Laser Crystal Gift, Popular Optic Crystal Block With 3D Laser Engraved, Optic Crystal Block With 3D Laser Engraved, 3D Laser Crystal Engraved Dragon Rectangle, Wholesale Crystal 3D Laser Gift, 3D Crystal Engraving Supplier, Laser Products For Laserengraving, Fashionable 3D Crystal Gift, Crystal Laser 3D Engraving, Beautiful Crystal Animal Laser Engraving, Crystal Laser Engraved Cube, Laser Crystal Crafts Manufactory, Crystal Laser Engraved Block, crystal 3d laser car cube, 3d laser engraved crystal cubes cube, Personalized Laser Crystal Gifts cube, crystal 3d laser souvenir gifts cube, 3d laser gifts, 3d laser crystal cubes, crystal laser engraved, crystal 3d laser promotion gifts, china 3d laser crystal gifts, 3D Laser etched cubes, Graduations crystal laser gifts, crystal laser engraved apple, 3d laser crystal eagle, 3d laser crystal promotional gifts,

Crystal 2D Photo

Shining Crystal 2d Photos, Fashionable Crystal Photo Frame, Heart Shape Crystal Laser Wedding Gift, Shining Crystal 2d Photos Supplier, Laser Engraved Photo Crystals Suppliers, Crystal Photo Rectangle Block, 2d Laser Crystal Photo Frame Supplier, Wholesale Photo Crystal For Valentine'S Day Gift, 3d laser crystal photo, Personalized crystal photo gifts, crystal photo images photo009, crystal 3d laser photo Photo 010, 2d laser engraving crystal photo, 3d crystal wedding gifts photo, 3d laser photo, personalized 3d laser crystal family gifts, Unique crystal 2d laser gifts wholesale, crystal laser engraved keepsake, 2d laser photo crystal gift, Photo laser Crystal Ornaments, 3d laser crystal company gifts, crystal wedding anniversary gifts, 3d laser crystal gift idea, crystal laser photo gifts for Mother’s day, crystal laser photo of baby gifts,

Led Light Base

3D Laser Crystal Led Light Base, Crystal Laser Gift With Led Light Base, Crystal Laser Christmas Gift-Blessed Virgin Mary, crystal Laser Engraving -Sport Gift, Crystal Laser Wedding Gift, Wholesale 3D Laser Wedding Gift, Christmas Tree Laser Crystal, Fancy Laser 3D Crystal Christmas Gifts, Heart 3D Laser Crystal Light, Crystal 3D Laser Electric Rotating Light Base, 3D Crystal Promotion Gift, Customized Crystal Laser Engraving 3D Buliding With Nice Led Light Base, Wholesale Crystal Cube With 3D Laser Promotional Gift, 3D Laser Crystal Christmas Gift, 3D Crystal With Laser Rose Light Base, Crystal Thanksgiving Day Gift -3D Laser Rose, 3D Laser Crystal - Fashionable Birthday Gift, 3d laser crystal gift LED3018, crystal photo with led light base LED3019, 3d laser crystal gifts LED3020, laser etched crystal LED3021, crystal laser engraving LED3022, laser crystal cubes LED3023, 3d laser crystal cubes LED3024, 30th laser crystal anniversary gifts, laser crystal gifts with led light base, Lighted Photo Crystal Memorial, 3d laser photo with wood base, crystal laser souvenir with wood base, unique laser engraved crystal keepsakes, Wedding Photos in Crystal, 3d laser photo engraving crystal, 3d laser crystal diamond paperweight,

Laser Constellations

Lovely Aries 3D Laser Crystal, 3D Laser Crystal Cube Taurus, Laser Engraved Crystal Block Gemini, 3D Laser Crystal With Led Light Base Cancer, Crystal Constellation Cube 3D Laser Engraving, 3D Engraving Crystal Paperweight Virgo, Nice Birthday Gifts Of 3D 12 Constellation Laser Engraved, Scorpio 3D Laser Crystal Gift, Popular Crystal Christmas Gifts, Wholesale Laser Engraved Gifts Capricorn, Aquarius 3D Crystal Gift Supplier, Beauty Crystal 3D Laser 12 Constellation With Led Base,

Crystal Paperweight

Optical Crystal Paperweight

Optical Crystal Glass Paperweight, Laser Engraved Crystal Glass Paperweight, Wholesale Unique Crystal Glass Paperweight, Laser Crystal Paperweight, New Design Crystal Paperweight, Crystal Cut Corner Paperweight Wholesale, Crystal Glass Paperweight Manufacture, Rounded 3D Laser Crystal Paperweight,

Color Printing Paperweight

Crystal Color Printing Paperweight, Crystal Dome Paperweight Supplier, Butterfly Crystal Paperweight For Business Gifts & Table Decor, Half Ball Crystal Paper Weight, Fashion Crystal Paperweight Christmas Gift, Wholesalecrystal Paperweight Promotion Gift, Wholesale Ovalcrystal Paperweight, Professional Manufacturer For Crystal Paperweights, 2012 Hot Sell Crystal Paperweights Supplier, Pretty Crystal Paperweight Withgolden Gate Bridge For Wedding Favor, Unique Rectangle Crystal Paperweights Supplier, Eiffel Tower Crystal Paperweight, Rectangle Color Printing Paperweight, Octagon Crystal Glass Paperweight, Octagon Crystal Glass Paperweight With Rooster Image, Square Crystal Paperweight Wedding Gift, glass dome paperweight HDCP1060, glass paperweight HDCP1061,

Crystal Blank Polygons

K9 Crystal Polygons

K9 Blank Crystal Polygons, Wholesale Blank Crystal Star, Blank Crystal Supplier, Crystal Blank For Laser, Crystal Blank For Laser, Blank Crystal Block, Blank Crystal Block, Blank Crystal Faceted Ball, Heart Shape Blank Crystal, Wholesale Blank Crystal, Professinal 3D Laser Engraving Blank Crystal, Red Heart Crystal Paperweight, Red Heart Crystal Paperweight, Blank Crystal Book, Blank Crystal Book, Star Shape Crystal Paperweight, Flat Heart Crystal Paperweight, K9 Crystal For 3D Laser Engraving, Crystal Blank Faceted Block, Blank Crystal For Engraving, Blank Crystal Diamond, Laser Engraved Crystal, Cut Corner Blank Crystal Cube, Crystal Blank Cube, Colorful Blank Crystal Block, Laser Engraving Blank Crystals, 3D Laser Blank Crystal, Blank Crystal Iceberg, Engraving Blank Crystal, 3D Blank Crystal Block, 3D Laser Crystal Blank, Engraved Glass Blocks, Optical Blank Crystal, 3D Laser Optical Blank Crystal, Blank Crystal Paperweight, k9 blank crystal obelisk, blank crystal Block, blank crystal awards, crystal block manufacture, clear crystal awards, new Crystal award in blank, crystal from China, Blank crystal Factory,

Crystal Plaque

crystal star awards, star awards supplier HDBC2003, Prism Optical Crystal Glass Awards HDBC2011, crystal plaque awards, Award medals HDBC2006, wholesale crystal star award HDBC2009, crystal performance awards HDBC2010, hot sell crystal glass award trophies HDBC2014, wholesale award plaques HDBC2015, crystal golden globe awards HDBC2021, blank crystal plaques HDBC2022, crystal recognition award hdbc2 028, crystal star award for winner HDBC2029, wholesale trophies HDBC2030, crystal awards HDBC2032, crystal plaque hdbc2 035, crystal star awards Hdbc2 036, blank crystal block hdbc2 037, Heart shape crystal awards hdbc2 038,

crystal Chandelier parts

crystal chandelier pendants

crystal bobeches

crystal bobeches, crystal bobeches, crystal bobeches, crystal bobeches, crystal bobeches, crystal bobeches, crystal bobeches, crystal bobeches,

Crystal Ball

Laser Crystal Ball

laser crystal ball

Crystal Football

Crystal Basketball

Crystal Global

Crystal Golf Ball

Glass Fridge Magnet

Wholesale Crystal Glass Fridge Magnet, Fashionable Glass Fridge Magnet, Exquisite Crystal Fridge Magnets Supplier, Promotional Gift Fridge Magnet, Disney Printing Glass Magnet, New Style Crystal Glass Fridge Magnets Manufacture, Glass Fridge Magnet Sticker,

Crystal perfume bottle

Crystal lighting


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Crystal Chandelier Parts

crystal chandelier prism, crystal chandelier prism, crystal chandelier trimmings, crystal chadelier pendants, crystal chandelier drop1, crystal chandelier prism, crystal chandelier prism, crystal chandelier prism, crystal chandelier drop2, crystal chandelier drop3, crystal chandelier drop, crystal chandelier drop, crystal chandelier prism, crystal chandelier prism, crystal chandelier beads, Crystal Chandelier Beads, Crystal Chandelier Beads 2, Crystal Chandelier Beads2, crystal square beads, crystal square beads2, crystal square beads4, Crystal Chandelier ball, Crystal Chandelier pendants, Crystal Chandelier almond, pearshape crystal pendants, Crystal Chandelier parts, Crystal Chandelier pendants, Crystal Chandelier pendants, pear shape-crystal chandelier parts, chandelier square beads, crystal chandelier prism, crystal chandelier prism, MAPLE LEAF crystal chandelier beads, Round faceted ball, crystal chandelier pendants, crystal chandelier pendants, crystal chadelier pendants, crystal octagon beads, crystal square beads, center parts, crystal chandelier drop1, crystal chandelier drop2, crystal chandelier drop3, crystal chandelier ball, crystal chandelier pendants,

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